Painting with Friends Agreement 2013

Painting with Friends is a co-venture between Terrye French Designs and select painters, also known as Friends.   Terrye French creates a line drawing and sends it to the painter to create, paint and publish as an e-pattern packet.  All pattern packets are sold as:
Terrye French Designs
“Painting with Friends”
Designed by: Terrye French, Painted by:  you the “Friend”

These e-patterns can be sold by both the painter and Terrye French Designs for $5.00 each.  When patterns sell you will receive 50% of the sale less listing and selling fees.  This works out to $2.25 US for every e-pattern sold.  Payment will be sent to you through PayPal each month.
Terrye French Designs will sell these patterns through the “Painting with Friends” Blog and the Painting with Friends Etsy page and other sources determined by Terrye French Designs.
·       You agree to promote and sell these e-patterns on Facebook and your websites.
·       You agree to paint no less than 4 designs per year for the Painting with Friends.
·       You will agree to pay Terrye French Designs $2.25 US for each pattern packet that you sell.  Payment can be sent to through PayPal. 
·       You must be able to type instructions, scan your drawings, take good quality photographs and have a Paypal account.
You may list and sell these patterns however you wish, as printed pattern packets, e-patterns off your website, eBay, Etsy etc.  E-patterns should be sold for $5.00US each and printed patterns can be sold for a bit more to recover printing costs.   If you are selling these patterns off of the Internet, a link must be added to the “Painting with Friends” Blog.  You may not sell these e-patterns through a 3rd party seller.  You may not submit these designs to magazines.  Should you have this opportunity you need to contact Deb Antonick at for approval as this option is only available to members creating their own designs as well as PWF.
Terrye French retains the copyright to all her original drawings, you are encouraged to paint these designs using your own flair, the more you put into the design, the better chance it will sell.  All finished projects are approved by Terrye French and/or Deb Antonick before being put into e-pattern.  You may be asked to make small modifications.
You accept that there is no guarantee that these designs go any further than the Painting with Friends Blog.  Painting with Friends, Terrye French and Deb Antonick are not to be held responsible for how well patterns do. You must be respectful of all the PWF members regardless of their successes. 
Pattern sales are paid to you at the end of the month on or before the 3rd day of the following month.  You are required to do the same with your sales.
By receiving and painting each Terrye French “Painting with Friends” design, you are accepted as in agreement of the above mentioned. 
Happy painting.
Terrye French – Designer, Terrye French Designs
Deb Antonick – Coordinator and webmaster, Terrye French Designs

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